The importance of burying your egocentrism. Great read.

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Peace, one and all…

In his third counsel, Meister Eckhart explores the will.

Counsel 3: Of people who have not denied themselves and are full of their own will

People say: ‘O Lord, how much I wish that I stood as well with God, that I had as much devotion and peace in God as others have, I wish that it were so with me!’  Or, ‘I should like to be poor,’ or else, ‘Things will never go right for me till I am in this place or that, or till I act one way or another.  I must go and live in a strange land, or in a hermitage, or in a cloister’.

In fact, this is all about yourself, and nothing else at all.  This is just self-will, only you do not know it or it does not seem so to you.  There is never any trouble that starts in you that…

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