Salaam, all. This week I have added another page to the blog. It is ineptly named, ‘Poetry’. The traffic seems to be steadily increasing, Alhamdulillah, so it might be good for people of differing purpose to delve deeper into areas of specific interest (i.e. poetry). Maybe with this sudden influx of new readers, I will soon be branded the Britney Spears of Islamic blogging, a title which has decorated my dreams for many years. I lay sleepless in anticipation.

Without further ado, please do check out the new feature (linked below), if you have time. It includes a few unread excerpts, and also a small discussion around why the page should be called anything but, ‘Poetry’.

Salaam, love, and remember to take care, and joy, in whatever you do.

Yours truly, SundayMorningRambler.