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A Virgin of Will

What was whispered to the rose, causing its blossom?

Only its withered petals will know.

What contained the musk, on Joseph’s shirt?

Only the eyes of Jacob will know.

What was said to the heart, causing its beat?

Only its final breath will know.

What was prayed for at dawn, to find redemption at noon?

Only the supplicating mute will know.

What sees the moth, in the scolding flames?

Only its charred wings will know.

What was fed to the mule, to cause its gallop?

Only Halima’s breast will know.

What possesses these slaves, who polish their shackles?

Only the smiling Key-bearer will know.

O, lover of Light…

Seek not these fleeing answers.

Questions and answers are but milk-sisters,

Each bathes in the other’s dirty water,

Let not knowing be your baptism.

Walk to edge of Love,

Find God to be its circumference.

Take a leap off this cliff- defy all reason,

And as you fall, down this ascend,

To the demise of your mind,

You’ll realise,

You were writing with wings.