Briliant article. My personal research and interest in feminism was primarily driven by the warrant of having three sisters- each of whom possesses strikingly dichotomous views on the subject. However, I have refrained from posting the fruits of my personal exploration on this topic. This is predominantly due to the divide within this subject being excessively driven by formats of duality. The ‘us vs them’ school of thought. You’re either with us or against us.

Say ‘yes’ to feminism; and you’re not backward, or motivated by the ideals of predated patriarchies. Needless to say, belonging to the ‘yes’ faction will expose you to a barrage of pseudo-intellectual (scripted) subjugations which are mostly fuelled by quarter-arsed analysis of your actual argument- by men, who, due to your supposed allegiances, result in banishing you to the self-depreciating recess of Western ideological hegemony. Say ‘no’, and you’re a menacing tyrant who refuses to establish or admit to the facts which basify the governing reality of female identity, and their continuous struggle.

The complete absence of contentious social and political issues on this blog is not the by-product of mere coincidence. This is partly due to my inclination of not wanting to alienate people, among a plethora of other reasons. And that’s exactly the outcome of dipping your pen in the inks of duality. People will categorize and subsidise. Look at the black, and the white. Choose a colour. And simply ignore the equally important shades of grey. That’s life. I’m sure I’m guilty of the same. Anyway, without further convoluting the discussion, and generally being a blogging-coward (..bloward?); the post by the ‘Love a girl who loves God’ girl is one which definitely merits reading. Hope you enjoy it.