Salaam, and greetings. Those of you who have (or will) visit the blog today in eager anticipation of my imminent return have provided the clearest indication that, you, basically, love me. If you ask me, it’s a pretty apt acid test; pencilling in the date of my return which was announced over a month ago, and marking my homecoming by eagerly checking the blog at the day’s commencement. It’s fine. Denial is the first hurdle.

The rest of you casually checking-in over the course of the following week are just wayfarers. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing. But whatever. I hate you. You make me feel like an unloved and neglected child. Woe unto you! Amongst other things.

The traditionally irrelevant introduction aside; let’s move onto matters more serious. If you can call them that. You probably can’t, because they’re not really, ‘serious’. You get what I mean though. Whatever.

My intention is to add another section to the blog which will (hopefully) tickle your interests. Most people who regularly read blogs possess the tendency to enjoy reading in general. I am certain many of you have favourite authors, books, and so on. With this in mind, I considered it a good idea to include a section devoted to short stories, ancient adages, and well-known parables.

Due to most of us possessing a 2-minute attention span on the internet (I blame Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook), the stories to be included will be relatively short. I contemplated including longer texts, but very much doubt that will work. And here is the most important part; none of the writing included within this particular section is mine. All of the borrowed material will be included with quotation marks. However, I will fall short of disclosing the source, as that is something I generally avoid doing, for reasons beyond many.

So without further verbal-hubbub, here’s a link to the new section below. Insha’Allah you guys enjoy some of these as much as myself.


Thanks for reading, and for another week; take care. I’ll end with the following quote below.

Accrue as much time required to reading and commenting on blogs where the author includes a section on short stories – for this will enrich your soul and do lots of other good stuff. Yeah.

– Some Clever and Philosophical Guy.