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The Mountain & Me*

As I lie in this desolate valley, staring up at the mountain before me,

The stars adorning the sky, above this giant’s peak,

I find comfort in my struggle to emulate this sight before me,

I spend my days wondering how best to attempt this ascent,

To the watch tower of the world,

Admiring and desiring to match its excellence,

As the sun sets on my days,

I painfully reckon,

The haunting realisation that I should have desired to seek no more than to be at the foot of this mountain,

My arrogance and obsession with the grandiose consumed my mind and sight,

It blinded me from the pebbles this gracious mountain offered me through all my years,

These pebbles taught me more than the mountain ever did,

I now scale this hill with little infatuation for its majesty,

For I realise that most of my days will be spent on its lowly slopes,

I have lost friends, foes and even a true love on my journey to the summit,

Yet at the tip of this mountain I’ve come to discover the treasure which evades all but its conquerors;

the ascent defined me more than the peak ever will.


*Please note- I did not write this piece in its entirety. Part of this text was sent to me by a friend. I appeciated the style of writing, and the underlying message. Resultantly, some additions were made in creating the final post above. Hope you enjoy it. Peace, salaam, and take care.