About “Thought for Food”

Greetings, and peace, fellow humanoids.

This is the page where I am instructed by the ”WordPress” machine to write about myself. So here goes. Without sounding like an un-confessed hoarder of attention; I am a 20-something year ol’ guy from a dark and dusty place close to London and the gates of Mordor. My interests range from playing sports, to reading about sports, and sometimes even watching sports. With an obviously wide array of interests and hobbies, I sometimes also find time to think about social issues, politics, faith (or lack thereof), and life in general. Now, I am sure if you’ve come across this ”About” section between reading Michael Phelps’ latest blog update and loading up Stephen Fry’s twitter page, you might be slightly… uninspired. But rest assured, if you continue to read, and regularly follow my posts, you will know how to make $1 million dollars in 4 weeks, lose that unwanted belly flab, get whiter teeth with a proven home-made remedy, and loads of other things I am virtually clueless about.

Nonetheless, I can guarantee that anything you read here will hope to inspire, provoke and question many of life’s nuances. I intend to refrain from centralising this blog on personal issues, but rather endorse an inward and outward perspective on issues which we, hopefully, can relate. Similarly, I will not be categorizing the Helvetica to grace these white pages over the years into a genre, so to keep the direction of the posts open-ended and fluid. Expect discussion of current affairs (maybe), social and political issues (probably), and the continuous questioning of our surroundings (definitely).

As a practising Muslim, I will often incorporate Islam and God into my writing, as these issues are central to my thought-process. I sincerely hope this does not deter non-Muslims from reading, as my intention is not to write with specificity whatsoever.

And as I come to close this ‘About’ section, the sinking realization that this will probably never be read by anyone has slowly hit me. Wow. Maybe this blog will form part of the ancient (virtual) manuscripts of the future, untouched and unread. Oh well, the hope that it will elevate me to worldwide stardom and renowned philanthropist status withers not (yet).

Peace, my new virtual friends (no creepiness intended).

House Rules

This blog will have a strong sense of God, faith and more specifically, Islam, within its narrative. Consequently, this entails a significant array of exposure to sects of the virtual populace who possess some colourful views about my religion and values. With this reality in mind, I plead you to refrain from taking up such debate within this cosy corner of the internet.

The internet is rife with blogs, websites and forums which not only accommodate such views, but also supplement them. Please feel free to utilise these facilities to the full extent of your impulses, as opposed to initiating any such debate here.

On a lighter note, I welcome discourse and discussion with arms open wider than a lonely pensioner welcoming seasonal guests! My sincere hope is to accommodate a wide set of thoughts and opinions; something which the internet gives instant access to.

So, welcome, and greetings, do drop a comment or “hello/salaam” upon visiting my humble virtual abode. Besides, you wouldn’t run through someone’s house in the physical world and sneak out the window – all without saying a word (unless you’re into that sorta’ thing).


Any views or opinions you read here, are exactly that. Please do not accredit my words with more importance than they qualify for. Rest assured, I won’t be passing any virtual-statutes!

I possess next to no knowledge of Islam, but am fortunate to sit and share space with some knowledgeable people. As much as I intend to share some of this acquired knowledge (where appropriate); please don’t shape how you practice your faith with what you read here, you will be thoroughly questioned when the time comes for relying on such an unceremonious source!

I am indelibly human, and far from perfect. Therefore I apologise for any mistakes in advance, and promise to correct myself where such rectification is due.

Happy reading, and all else.

3 thoughts on “About “Thought for Food””

  1. I can’t believe I’m only the second person to visit this about page as like, you should have totally more views! Thus, I have tweeted this in hopes you will now have more non-creepy followers in your quest of writing. Looking forward to learning more and sharing with those who wish to gain another perspective. Masha’Allah. Ameen.


  2. Ameen. JazakAllah khair for sharing – much appreciated. The aim is for everyone to gain something positive, even if it is minuscule.

    Let the quest for non-creepiness continue.

  3. I was going to run through your humble virtual abode and sneak out your non-existent virtual window like the quintessential creepy follower/reader but that would be so unbecoming of a Muslim sister. Therefore, here’s a belated Assalamualaikum.

    Your twitter is fast becoming one of my favourites but I’ve always been partial to blogs. Twitter leaves me claustrophobic. Anyway I’m going to have a field day reading your posts now. JazakAllah khayr for sharing your rambles; one can’t ever have enough nourishment.

    Have a nice day!

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